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About us

Mechamania is currently focused on developing the innovative and audacious XSpherion flight simulator. XSpherion is an advanced, massive motion platform designed to create a radical new flight simulation experience. Mechamania is currently producing and testing the prototype XSpherion unit and flight simulator software.

The making of

In the old Honig factory in Nijmegen, a prototype of the XSpherion is built.

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Our Mission

The mission for the XSpherion project is to create a level of immersion and intensity never before experienced in a publicly available simulator. To achieve this revolution in simulator technology, XSpherion makes use of a novel technique capable of producing an extreme range of motion along fully 6 degrees of freedom. This movement system will be coupled with full audio/visual virtual reality technology, enabling an unprecedented level of realism in three dimensional motion simulation.

Motion range


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Mechamania is located in the old Honig factory.

Waalbandijk 12a
6541AJ Nijmegen

06 81152154